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The Second National Conference on Teacher Education in Isfahan






“Annual conference of teacher education will be held so as to make the open door for exchanging ideas, developing indigenous knowledge, sharing experiences and viewpoints of experts in teacher education at the national level” said Dr. Saki, Deputy of Research and Technology.


He likewise expressed that this meeting is to make an open door for basic surveying of teacher education background in Iran, giving the premise to policy-making and planning for teacher education.


Dr. Saki added that achieving high quality in education and contributing to official recognition of teacher education as a professional field in scientific society of Iran are the outstanding objectives of such conferences.

Dr. Saki stated that high number of participants in the second conference, demonstrates the success of this arrangement in attracting specialists' thoughtfulness regarding the issue of teacher education in the public eye.


According to the Deputy of Research and Technology, 475 papers has so far been gotten for the second National Conference from which 17 papers would be exhibited orally and 81 papers would be presented in form of posters.


Additionally, 3 panels known as “University curriculum and requirements of National Curriculum Document”, “How education colleges can participate in teacher education” and “The role of the teacher’s competencies in improving educational quality based on field data” are going to be held.

Amazingly, the event will be accessible to people in general by means of Internet.

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