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The deadline for submission to the National Conference on Teacher Training was extended until 19 February 2016








In order to maximize the presence of scholars and students, the scientific committee of the National Conference of teacher training, extended submission until 19 February 2016.

Thus those who have not so far been able to send abstract of their work can submit full text article at  hmt.cfu.ac.ir.

Objectives and main topics of the conference, which will be held in May 2016, coinciding with the teachers week are as follows:

Conference objectives:

1. Creation opportunities for exchange, development of indigenous knowledge and share experiences and views of experts in teacher education at the national level
2. Creation opportunity for critical reviewing of teacher education traditions in Iran
3. Creating platform for policy and planning in teacher education and access to superior quality
4. Contributing to the recognition of teacher education as a specialized field in the scientific community in Iran

The main topics of the conference

A) Principles of national documents on teacher education

- Upstream Documents in teacher education

- Fundamental transformation documents and teacher education

- Holistic Scientific Map of the country and teacher education

- Document of the Islamic University and Teachers

- The articles of association of Farhangian University and teacher education

- Document of national curriculum and teacher education

- The history of the development of teacher education (in Iran and the world)
- Philosophy of Teacher Education

- The mission of the Farhangian University and future teachers


B) Education and teacher training curricula

- Curricula in Teacher education

- The role of internship and practicum  in teacher education

- Role of the informal curriculum (elective / optional) in achieving teaching competencies

- Role of unorganized curriculum in achievement of teaching competencies

- Teacher training in specific areas (Multi- level teacher education , Multi-subject teacher education , rural teacher education , special education)

- Requirements for active research based training in teacher education

- The virtual platform for teacher education and professional development of teachers

- Assessment of professional competence of teachers and student teachers

C) developments and innovations in teacher education

-  Farhangian University as a learning organization

- Management of change and innovation in teacher education.

- Knowledge management in teacher education

- Concepts and ideas in management, structure and organization of teacher education

- Review and assessment patterns in teacher education admissions

- New models of professional development for teachers (Action research - Narrative action – lesson study)

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