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Farhangian University delegates participated in the International Conference of Teacher Education in the University of Malaya (UM)







To achieve world-class innovation and creativity, wide effort has already begun in Farhangian University (FU). In  Aprir 2015, Farhangian University signed a scientific and research cooperation memorandum with the University of Malaya. To investigate the feasibility of joint activities, a delegation from Malaysia traveled to Iran and provide a speech in Tehran on 15 August. As a result, a contract drafting and scientific cooperation in the field of student exchange, faculty exchange, joint research and holding joint conference was held. In arrangement to the aforementioned MoU, a delegation of FU was invited to participate in the International Conference of Teacher Education  in the University of Malaya for dates of 5-9 January 2016. In response to this invitation, a delegation of university educators chaired by Professor Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi participated in the International Conference "Teacher Training systems". In this seminar, three main lectures were performed by Farhangian University educators. At the end of each speech, a panel discussion was held with the participation of professors from both universities. Issues raised by the participants, including professors, master's and PhD students were discussed and elaborated. Topics and keynote speakers of the conference included:

* The teacher training curriculum will come into effect? Towards a new category of curricula (Prof. Dr.  Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi)

*  knowledge of second language in pre-service teacher training, (Dr. Farhad GhorbanDordinejad)

* Reconstruction of professional identity of teachers - the practical discourse and narratives of teachers, (Dr. Khalil Gholami)

Other members of the delegation included Dr.  N. Musapur (Deputy of Education and Higher Education ) and Dr. Hossein Dehghan (Director General of Social and Culture Affairs of the University).

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