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Joint meeting of academics and Department of Education of Farhangian University (FU) in Semnan








Joint meeting of academics and Department of Education of Farhangian University (FU) ,from different Campuses, was held in Semnan. The participants were mainly student teachers and a group of researchers in the field of education. Dr Saki, Vice President of Research and Technology of FU, expounded on the mission of exploration in the field of education and said that the principle objective within the realm of our activity in teacher education is to pave the educational process to achieve the goals of education. He stated that the criterion for efficient educational research will be resolved through the impact of exploration on the procedure of teaching – learning. He attested that without this introduction, research in the field of teacher training will be confronted with the danger of deviations and shortcoming. Deputy of Research and Technology, said that we likewise require sort of research to scrutinize research results on how it could impact teachers’ instructions.


Dr. Saki plot on the low consideration of established research to the requirements of schools and instructors. He attested that the perplexing example of educational research has contrarily influenced the instructive practice. He said we require intelligent teachers asking their own works through a teacher-focused methodology. Delegate of Research and Technology attested that the new curriculum concentrating on teachers as specialists in the field, have made urgent strides towards the organization of instructors as analysts. Dr. Saki said that the choice of the motto of “knowledge based society in the context of research-based teacher training” is an accentuation to the vital part of teachers and the teaching profession in society and communicated trust that this motto will satisfy the university's exercises. At the end of the ceremony the winners of the campus of the province and also inquiring teachers were appreciated and welcomed. 

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